Hemp Delta-8 THC Gummies for Relaxation 300mg


While Delta-9 THC is the psychoactive part of hemp plants that is abundant in marijuana has been known for a long time, it’s sibling Delta-8 THC is just now getting to see a wider audience.  People report an uplifting and relaxing mood enhancement effect from using Delta-8.

These gummies are citrus flavored and have 10mg Delta-8 each.


All of Elevated Hemp’s products are lab tested for quality, potency and safety. Certificates of Analysis can be found here.

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Our Delta-8 gummies are formulated to stimulate your mind and give you an uplifting and relaxing mood effect. These Delta-8 gummies for relaxation are citrus flavored; the pack contains 300 mg total Delta 8, and each gummy is infused with 10 mg of Delta-8 (a powerful cannabinoid known for its strong anxiolytic properties).

So, if you’re looking to buy delta-8 gummies Texas, you can get these sweet fruit-flavored gummies from Elevated Hemp and add them to your daily wellness routine.

Our delta-8 gummies for sale provide you with an all-natural solution to cope with the most stressful moments of the day. If you want delta-8 gummies for sleep, this product is your best bet. It also works to stimulate your appetite and ease your feelings of discomfort.

Key features:

  • This product is compliant with federal law
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Made with non-GMO ingredients in GMP certified facility
  • No pesticides have been applied
  • Third-party lab tested for quality, potency, and safety
  • Readily available certificate of analysis