Delta-8 Gummies are new to the market, but they’re gaining popularity fast. People who use Delta-8 say it helps them relax and feel elevated, rather than getting baked like you do with the Delta-9 THC we all know about. However, you should also be aware of some things to look out for before you try it yourself. This article will cover what Delta-8 gummies are, how they work, and what you need to know about them so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not they’re right for you.

1) No. Delta-8 THC is NOT the Same as Delta-9 THC

THC is one of many cannabinoids found in cannabis. Delta-9 THC is psychoactive, while other forms are not. The ones that are non-psychoactive are called Cannabinoids and include Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabinol (CBN), and Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV). It is only after heating cannabis up to a certain temperature does THC become psychoactive. CBD, CBN, and THCV on the other hand need to be heated in order for them to produce their effects. They can be smoked or vaped raw just like you would with regular weed.

Delta-8 on the other hand , has no psychoactive effects. Meaning you can get high off of it, but not like how you would get high off of THC. It still makes you feel good and gives you an energy boost, but won’t make you feel high like THC does. The effects are more subtle than that. And don’t let all these numbers confuse you! Just know that they are different, and should be treated differently.

2) Yes. Delta-8 is Stronger Than CBD

While CBD is not psychoactive, delta-8 THC is. While many people prefer using CBD as a muscle relaxant and for its anti-anxiety properties, those that want to feel high may be looking for something stronger than CBD. So what gives delta-8 THC  gummies such a pleasant feeling? It has to do with how these molecules interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). When consuming psychoactive substances like Delta-8 THC, their chemical structures must first pass through your digestive system and liver before they reach your bloodstream and ECS receptors in order to be fully processed by it. This can take up to an hour or more for edibles.

3) You Won’t Experience Paranoia

The good news is that unlike some other forms of THC, D8 THC won’t make you paranoid. Anxiety is definitely not a good thing, but paranoia can be downright debilitating. If you don’t live in an area where marijuana is legal for recreational use (or even if you do), why not try D8 THC? Many users report feeling more relaxed and optimistic after taking it compared to other forms of cannabis.

4) Delta-8 Gummies Taste Great!

The first thing people notice about delta-8 gummies is that they taste great. Made with real fruit juice, they’re delicious and flavorful. And compared to other types of edibles, they’re light and easy to consume. This makes them an ideal first step for anyone who wants to try hemp for their mental health benefits but has not had much success with other products or methods of ingestion.

5) They Are An Easy and Convenient Way of Taking D8

People who use CBD oil or other hemp extracts like to keep it simple. They like to be able to experience relief wherever they go, and if they can do so discreetly, that’s even better. Gummies offer an easy way of taking your D8 with you wherever you go. It doesn’t matter if you prefer taking your gummy candies during lunch break at work or on your morning commute, they are available anywhere anytime. With no taste or smell to distract anyone around you, there is no need to worry about being judged by others for what you are taking. Just put a few into your mouth whenever is convenient for you and enjoy!

6) They are Legal, But Check You Local Laws

The federal legalization of hemp in 2018 has altered things drastically. But it still hasn’t addressed all of them, leaving many states where use is not legal or is only available for certain conditions. Before you try CBD or Delta-8 for yourself, do some research on your local laws to make sure it’s legal where you live. If not, check out CBD gummies that are legal in all 50 states right here at Elevated Hemp!


With so many people turning to cannabis for medicinal reasons, it’s only natural that new cannabinoids are being discovered. As more research is conducted on novel cannabinoids, we can expect to see them incorporated into various ways of consuming medical marijuana. For now, though, Delta-8 Gummies are another great way to enjoy THC in a relaxing way. 


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